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Board Training

Do you dream of having a powerhouse board that raises thousands of dollars for you? The best boards are outstanding fundraisers. They're out there opening doors, networking, and asking for money. So how can you get a board like that? By getting them the training and coaching they need.    

Board Resources

Do you need a few quick tips to get your board going in the right direction? I've got you covered. I've worked with hundreds of boards and know what works and doesn't. On the board resources page, you'll find tips on how to motivate, recognize, and manage your board. There are tips for boards of all sizes. 


Board Publications

What makes up a solid fundraising board? The majority of the time it's your recruitment process and what you do from that point forward. The framework you use to build your board will determine your success. If you need help building your fundraising board, check out the Framework for a Fundraising Board Publication and worksheets.