• Deanna Ackerman

Board Burnout IS an Issue

Have you noticed this among your board members?

Too often we focus on those board members who are AWOL and don't show up and participate in meetings. But what about those overachievers who will do just about anything for you. They have a higher risk of burnout. You need to know the signs so you can help board members avoid it. Here are a few signs to be on the lookout for:

(1) The overly joyful board member, who used to share and talk a lot at board meetings, begins to shut down and is quiet at board meetings.

(2) Communication begins to wane and even worse, financial support decreases.

(3) The board member exhibits complete frustration!

(4) There is opposition to any of your recommendations.

(5) They just continually question everything you do and refuse to see anything your way.

If you see these signs, you absolutely should have a sit-down with the board member. Find out what’s going on in her life and why she may not be as enthused as she used to be about your charity’s work. It could simply be a personal matter. But, if it’s not, you could benefit from the feedback so be open to having this conversation.

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