• Deanna Ackerman

Why Aren't You Asking for More Money?

You may wonder why I'm asking you this question. Well, I thought I would just put it out there and see what happens. 

Lately I've discovered that about 9 out of 10 charities aren't maximizing their fundraising. What I mean is they aren't maximizing their asks and getting more support from annual fund donors. They're very happy with that $50 check and don't want to make the donor mad by asking for more. I get it, but, what if the donor could give more but you never asked? It's happening all the time. It's up to you to figure out which ones could give you more and at least make a bigger request. You can do this with a strong, personalized letter or you could pick up the phone and call. It's okay to ask for more money because that'll make it possible for you to do more for your mission. Don't be afraid to ask!

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