"Great job! Always inspiring to revisit what you know and learn new information

and gain insight from others!" 

Clara Andriola, Executive Director, Reno Rodeo Foundation


Whether you're new to fundraising or need a few more tips, Deanna's here to help you! Through the Million Dollar Master® Mentoring program, you'll get quick results that put you on track to raising millions of dollars. There are a lot of other programs out there, but none are as simple and efficient as this one. Together, we'll focus on raising a lot of money. 


Executive Coaching

The Million Dollar Master® Executive Coaching program is made for emerging leaders, Executive Directors, and CEOs who want to build a better team and raise more money fast. Through confidential, virtual sessions, you'll get advice on how to raise money, manage your development team, motivate your board, and much more.   


Board Training

Do you dream of having a powerhouse board that raises thousands of dollars for you? The best boards are outstanding fundraisers. They're out there opening doors, networking, and asking for money. So how can you get a board like that? By getting them the training and coaching they need.