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Clara Andriola, Executive Director, Reno Rodeo Foundation

Workshop Topics

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To Give and To Get: How to Create a Fundraising Policy for Your Board Members

What do successful boards have that others do not? The answer is simple – a board that is actively involved in fundraising. The key to making this happen is a “Give/Get” policy that actively encourages board members to fundraise. In this session, you’ll learn what constitutes a good Give/Get policy and how to create one for your board. You’ll also learn how to use your policy as a tool for board recruitment and better engagement.


Motivating Millennials to be Fundraisers for Your Cause

The next generation of philanthropic leaders is being cultivated and grown among the millennials. Millennials represent a new breed of donors. Ones that are tech-savvy. In recent studies, it was shown that nearly 50% prefer to learn about a nonprofit via the web and social media. Other studies have shown that millennials are willing to reach out to friends and family to fundraise. In this session, you'll learn how to reach out to them and motivate them to raise money for your cause.


Who’s in Your Line-Up: Steps to Building a High Performing Development Team

In this workshop, we’ll cover the steps to building a strong team and discuss how through teambuilding and focused fundraising you can maximize your development team’s efforts.


How to Write Grants for Operating Support

Good news – foundations and corporations are acknowledging the growing importance of granting unrestricted funds to help nonprofits operate. How you go about approaching these grants requires a different approach. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to prepare your organization for the ask and hear what it takes to get those grants.


Cultivating Corporate Relations

Corporate giving is becoming more sophisticated as corporations are seeking opportunities to leverage their brands with social causes while making a strong impact. In this session, you'll learn how to identify appropriate corporate partners; how to design a corporate partnership; and how to sustain the partnership past the first year.


Attracting & Engaging Individual Donors For Your Cause

The session will teach participants how to build strong relationships with donors at all levels. Participants will learn how to: develop an overall vision and process for donor acquisition; communicate their mission to attract donors; organize their cultivation process to engage donors as investors of the organization; strengthen donor loyalty and promote continual engagement between the donors and key staff.


Knowing Your Donors – The Key to Achieving Long-Term Support

Participants will learn how to obtain more information about their donors through donor surveys, face-to-face visits and other techniques; how to invest in prospect research with a limited budget or no staff; and take this information and use it to help you make the next “ask” for an annual fund or major gift.


Tips to Launching an Endowment Campaign

Have you thought about starting an endowment but don’t know where to begin? Through this session, you’ll learn five quick actions you can take to help you launch an endowment campaign in less than 6 months. Hear how one small organization was able to raise a $1M donation, which was larger than the nonprofit’s entire operating budget. You can do it and you don’t need to be an expert to get started.

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